Mike DeSalvio

Work Experience


June 2011- Current: Environmental Health and Safety

Biosafety Intern: Responsible for redrafting the Biosafety Plan for Select Agents. Worked full time developing the Biosafety program in compliance with multiple regulatory agencies including CDC and NIH. The project required a complete remodel of the current Biosafety plan with consideration to required revisions and edits to the Security Plan and Incident Response plans for select agents. I was tasked with editing the Chemical Hygiene plan as well as creating a template Biosafety Plan and a Biosafety Lab Checklist which includes regulations and standards for BSL-1, BSL-2, Recombinant DNA and Bloodborne Pathogens

October 2009- Current: Environmental Health and Safety

Student Assistant: Hazardous Material pick up and classification- Worked part time making pick up calls around campus of any hazardous waste material including electronic waste, chemical waste and general hazardous waste. I currently control and manage a database project to join operations of EH&S with other departments on campus, providing a foundation to log, inventory, manage and collect hazardous waste. I use my background in project management to effectively modulate the project deliverables on time. Cross trained in multiple areas and certified forklift operator.

September 2008 – January 2009: Bluefield Associates

Quality Control Chemist Intern– Worked for about 3.5 months in Cosmetic Quality Control/Assurance analyzing raw materials and approving materials for production into final products. I was also responsible for data entry and other miscellaneous lab duties to help provide better organization within the lab including designing a database in Microsoft Access to create and track materials in compliance with FDA requirements. This database was also integrated with other databases (e.g., inventory, distribution and compounding) to allow for more overall integration. After completing this assignment, I was asked to participate in the design process of a new product line.

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